ChipBox products are designed and manufactured individually for each vehicle’s engine and fueling system. The plug-and-play devices are not universal in the sense that one chip fits all; rather, they are custom-made for each vehicle model. When it comes to the safety and reliability of your vehicle without compromising its full potential, this is critical.

Simply increasing your vehicle’s performance without exceeding its capabilities. Our very own South African tuning team, in addition to the units being built in Italy under stringent TUV certification, creates, develops, and tunes the cars on offer, ensuring you of our 20-year competence.

EVS Sport

The EVC-SPORT is an electronic vehicle-specific control module that plugs into an existing electronic exhaust controller, whether it’s an OEM or aftermarket exhaust system with the same electronic exhaust valve controller.

 You can select to OPEN, CLOSE, or maintain the valve in AUTO mode using the remote control (to allow the ECU to operate the valve automatically). 

It is a simple plug-and-play item that is undetectable and can be removed for service or to return the car to its original condition. EVC-SPORT is designed for the true enthusiast who wants complete control over his vehicle’s sound.

Pedal Booster

PEDALBOOSTER® is a control unit that increases throttle response and lowers latency at the same time. Using original connectors, it may be easily installed in minutes to any “drive by wire” vehicle. 

PEDALBOOSTER® features the one-of-a-kind Touch Control, which allows you to pick from three various driving styles as well as a fourth setting, the Plus mode, which is fully adjustable for an incredible driving experience. PEDALBOOSTER® is also available without the Touch Control.