Llumar Automotive Window Film

Quality you can count on

With LLumar® window tint you can enjoy a more confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare. Available in a variety of shades, from clear to dark charcoal, you can choose a look that not only rejects heat but also reflects your personality.

For further peace of mind, LLumar® tinting can help protect your privacy and valuables from prying eyes. No matter how much time you spend in your car, you deserve the comfort, style and protection of LLumar® automotive window tints – the most trusted brand on the market.

Uncompromisingly advanced

Premium quality-verified in tests and studies and certified by independent institutes

Perfect, enduring

Colour fastness, scratch resistance and longevity with minimum 5 years warranty


The freedom to be creative thanks to an unmatched range of shades and colours


Solar Protection

Arrive Relaxed

Keep cool

Helps to keep your car’s interior pleasantly cool and helps to take the strain off your air conditioner

Built-in sunglasses

Most automotive films block 99% or more of the UV rays and help to effectively shield passengers

Colours remain colourful

Helps protect upholstery and interior trim against fading, ageing and material fatigue caused by UV rays

Easy view

Anti-glare property for easy viewing of video displays and monitors in your car



Show Your Class

Upgrade inclusive

Enhance the appearance of your car with distinctive, customised styling and make it a one-off

Take pole position on the design grid

Treat yourself and your passengers to the unique combination of functionality, aesthetics and an exclusive driving experience

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Act Responsibly

Discretion with a clear vision

Active privacy for your passengers and valuables – while retaining perfect visibility

Your personal bodyguard

Helps protect against shards of broken glass in the event of an accident

Fewer opportunities for thieves

Added protection against break-in means greater security for your valuables

Non-stop signal reception

LLumar automotive tinted and nano-ceramic window films do not interfere with mobile phones, radio reception or GPS systems

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