Third Eye Parking Perfection

In tight parking circumstances, Park Distance Control (PDC) employs sonar sound waves and high-tech circuitry to help you. 

Park distance control is a useful technology for preventing accidental harm by alerting you to the distance between your automobile and another item.


JVC’s consumer electronics product range improves faster than the competition’s every year.

JVC is able to offer a wide choice of items to its customers because of its rapid innovation. JVC places a high value on product design and user interface, making it one of the most well-known consumer electronics manufacturers in the world.

When you purchase JVC, you are selecting an audio/video firm that is large enough to meet all of your demands while remaining small enough to keep the crucial things in mind. To put it another way, you’re getting a name that’s both familiar and trustworthy, a leader in innovation with over a century of dedicated workmanship.


Kenwood is advanced in technology and enhances in-car comfort and they make driving more enjoyable with top-quality sound.

They pursue sound quality and operability that is one step ahead. Kenwood is a well-known brand that has been around for decades and is regarded as one of the most dependable in the vehicle audio industry.

Kenwood has a long history of producing high-quality automobile audio equipment. They have a wide range of popular items, such as their Digital Media Receivers and Car Audio Receivers. Their products are well-made and affordable.


For every part of your car audio system, Pioneer is a great brand. Pioneer’s commitment to high fidelity audio reproduction has put it at the forefront of automobile audio and entertainment systems, despite its adoption of modern video and connectivity technologies.

The component audio manufacturer creates its own high-quality receivers, amplifiers, automobile speakers, and subwoofers, which combine to make some of the best car audio systems available.

Pioneer has been dedicated to the advancement of audio technology since 1938 and has continued to do so for nearly 85 years!

Smart Multimedia

Smart Multimedia (Pty) Ltd provides unique, high-quality, well priced, and highly wanted automotive multimedia products. 

If you want to enjoy entertainment while while using a cutting-edge navigation system, Smart Multimedia has something for you! 

Rear-view cameras, tire pressure monitoring systems, wireless chargers, dash-cams, and a variety of additional products are available to make your ride more enjoyable.

Sanji Electronics

Crime becomes more sophisticated, so must the methods used to combat it.

Of course, anyone who has made a significant investment in a motor asset wants to preserve that investment, but they need to secure it much beyond the options available to criminals.

All Sanji’s products are made in accordance with the highest International IS09001 Quality Standards. To receive the prestigious Sanji seal of approval, each product must pass severe quality control testing.


Protect your vehicle against theft by Key Fob relay attack with Sanji’s RFID Key Guard.


Give yourself peace of mind which our tailgate security.